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Year: 2019

Idea: This campaign for one of the biggest Polish fitness club chains "Zdrofit" was based on the general idea that staying fit benefits everyday life. To sell that idea to the public we've launched a 360 campaign based on suggestive visuals and a clever claim.

Claim: Warto żyć ZDRO!

The claim is based on wordplay with the gym's name and can be understood dually as "It's worth joining Zdrofit" (because of the discount offer available at the time) as well as "It's good to be healthy" (zdrowy means healthy in Polish).

Execution: To support the idea we've created a series of visuals showing how popular exercises can be useful in everyday situations.

The campaign included outdoor, social media communication (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) and a dedicated website. We've also created non-standard installations in the Warsaw subway encouraging passengers to do simple exercises.